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PIK‐75 is a phosphoinositide‐3‐kinase (PI3K) α‐isoform‐selective inhibitor with high potency. Although published structure–activity relationship data show the importance of the NO2 and the Br substituents in PIK‐75, none of the published studies could correctly determine the underlying reason for their importance. In this publication, we report the first X‐ray crystal structure of PIK‐75 in complex with the kinase GSK‐3β. ...

European Workshop in Drug Synthesis in Siena, Italy

Our promising PhD student Lisa Goebel won the Best Poster Award at the European Workshop in Drug Synthesis in Siena, Italy . Congratulations!

The Molecular Basis of Kinase-Targeted Therapies and Drug Resistance in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Jonas Lategahn, Marina Keul, and Daniel Rauh

The treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is currently experiencing a revolution. Over the last decade, the Knowledge gained about the biochemical features of biomarkers and their predictive abilities has led to the development of targeted small-molecule Inhibitors that present an alternative to harsh chemotherapy. ...

TU Dortmund coordinates network with seven other partners in NRW

Dortmund, 01.05.2018 - Drug Discovery Hub Dortmund (DDHD) is the name of the new initiative at the Zentrum für integrierte Wirkstoffforschung (ZIW) of the TU Dortmund University (TU), which started on 1 April 2018. Scientists from eight institutions combine their manifold expertise to develop an infrastructure for drug discovery in North Rhine-Westphalia….